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A digital transformation that automates internal processes and reduces manual operations to better support NEM's customers and increase internal efficiency.

digital change

NEM has experienced great success operating for over two decades in the agriculture industry. However, one of their processes was primarily manual which prevented them from scaling this aspect of their business operations.

NEM wanted to minimise the strain their processes had on their resources and reduce unnecessary inefficiencies. 

NEM is focused on building strong relationships with their customers and wanted more transparency throughout their processes with automated proactive communication strategies. 


streamline operations

We implemented a track and trace system to enable visibility, internal accountability and digitise outdated processes. 

Revenue Operations

We assessed the efficiency in NEMs manual processes and re-aligned each department using new technology. We developed a custom process that would save time and simplify tasks for employees.

We wanted to reduce friction in their processes and remove the strain of manual tasks. This helped to minimise costs and reduce revenue loss on processes that had a high impact on NEMs operations.

HubSpot Automation

We developed automated workflows with HubSpot's software to optimise the tools available and align NEMs business operations. We utilised HubSpot best practices to remove error-prone tasks and relieve internal resources of managing time-consuming processes.

These automated workflows also helped to notify customers on the status of orders and enabled proactive communication. This streamlined the customer experience and boosted customer satisfaction levels. 

Technology Solutions

We developed a custom-built app to track, store and organise data for managing customer returns. This removed manual tasks and relieved employees from managing ineffective processes.
We digitised NEMs processes to speed up the returns process and improve scalability. This was a significant improvement for NEM's internal resources.

Digital Transformation

The adoption rate from employees was fast and highly successful. This had a positive impact on operations immediately upon deployment.

Removing paper processes and replacing manual tasks with a custom built app, helped fast-track daily tasks and assisted employees with managing their responsibilities.

The app was easy to use and worked effectively. Making this transformation smooth, impactful and cost-effective. 


The Benefits of this project


Improved Efficiency

Saving time
  • Increased efficiency and productivity for each department has helped Saasyan's team save time on daily tasks and has minimised manual processes through automation.

  • Saasyan have an improved employee experience and increase in team confidence regarding the new processes.


Unified operations
  • Saasyan now have the ability to manage HubSpot on their own, empowering them to drive ongoing growth strategies.

  • A unified approach has minimised friction and removed siloes in their departments. This has made their processes smoother for both their customers and internally. 

Market Position

Improved reputation
  • The new branding and key messaging strategies has enabled Saasyan to grow and expand in their desired markets.

  • Saasyan's key messaging has helped improve their market position. This has also helped them achieve their overall goal of reaching a global audience. 

Deeper Insights

Better reporting, better decisions
  • HubSpot's CRM & software suite enables Saasyan to have better reporting and data management. Saasyan now have a single source of truth which ensures they have reliable and accurate data.

  • Saasyan can make better business decisions and rely on their systems to forecast trends and monitor analytics. This also helps to support Saasyan's growth strategies long term. 

NEMs benefits


Improved visability

Strong communication
  • NEM’s customers now have full transparency over the returns process. They are notified at every stage and are proactively informed of the necessary information.
  • This has reduced the number of customer calls significantly relieving NEM’s employees of time-consuming tasks. The sales teams can now focus on building strong customer relationships instead of managing returns.

Increase efficiency

Saving time with automation
  • NEM maximised cost savings and increased their production output by using automation. Speeding up internal processes saved time and increased profitability.
  • The adoption from employees was highly successful, with a quick transition and no resistance to this change.

Customer support

Improved end-user experience
  • Through consistent and timely communication NEM continues to deliver an excellent customer experience. NEM's customer response to this new change was highly welcomed and appreciated.
  • NEM's customer-first approach enables them to continue to support their customers through personalised communication strategies.

Deeper insights

Better reporting, better decisions
  • NEM is now notified when a customer requests a return, enabling them to prepare for deliveries proactively.
  • Track and tracing enable NEM to have accurate data and insights into their operations and business performance. Helping them to make informed business decisions.

the results


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