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Your FAQ's

Where is your team located?
We have a range of highly skilled professionals working across Australia, with our headquarters located in Melbourne, Victoria. Our team has flexible working arrangements with support for working in office, hybrid and full time remote.
Do you offer retainers or projects?
We offer both solutions depending on your needs. We’ll help you carry out complex projects alongside your team or build custom solutions. Whether you have a big project in mind, or are looking for a longer term partnership (or both), we would love to assist you.
Do you only work with HubSpot CRM?
No, we can work with any CRM that best suits your needs, however we will always recommend and suggest the best solution for your needs. We’ll help you build a solution that works for your team and set you up with the best tools to complement your goals. Sometimes you may need to compliment a CRM system with other tools such as project management, Inventory, ERPs etc.
How much does a project cost?
Depending on your project needs, projects start from $10,000 AUD and retainers start from $5,000 AUD per month with a low commitment.
Who do we deal with when we work with Modern Visual?
A typical engagement will involve a customer success manager as your main point of contact. They will book time with our expert team, as required. Sometimes you may work directly with a senior team member for a specific project. We also include a senior project manager in the mix for larger projects and engagements. Our Managing Director and General Manager are also accessible at any time via phone or email.
How long has Modern Visual been in business?
We have been in business since 2014, meaning we have provided quality consultation for over 10 years and are still going strong.
How do you ensure you get results for your clients?
The word or definition of a result can vary from client to client. Depending on the type of work we do, we may discuss various results with you. For example, the implementation of a CRM system may mean the result is that your team becomes more efficient in general. If we help you launch a new website, you may want to specifically measure conversion rates or customer satisfaction. It is important that you bring to the table what you wish to achieve, so we can ensure we prescribe the correct solution.
Do you offer digital marketing solutions?
The short answer is no, we do not. We specialise in Software, business consulting and technology. Our job is to help you get the most from your digital agencies efforts with CRM software solutions, reporting and sales alignment.
My current provider barely gets back to us or doesn’t deliver on time, are you just like them?
Over time, our biggest priority has been to continue to enhance our customer success processes. We’ve done this over a 10 year period since the business commenced. With a dedicated customer success manager, you will always have somebody to reach out to during business hours that is quite responsive to get updates or ask questions. In regards to completing work on time, majority of our projects are delivered on time or earlier. The two reasons this does not occur is because our point of contact on the client side has unexpected priority changes or annual leave, or due to the sheer complexity of the project, unknowns surface through out the progress that nobody could for see. If you have any concerns around our services prior to signing up, please address these with our sales team, as we can have specific service level agreements, in writing.

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