Altius Group

Australia's leading workplace health and wellbeing organisation wanted to transform their user experience with a powerful website redesign. Focusing on developing a new system that supports internal management, streamlines processes and elevates the customer experience.

Outdated Website

Limited user experience with unclear messaging and poor site navigation

The Altius Group's previous website was difficult to update and maintain. Templates became outdated and their team felt disconnected from their site. This made it difficult to control marketing initiatives and manage their customers experience. 

Team adoption and customisation

The Altius Group knew their customers were having difficulty understanding offerings and services. The Altius Group wanted to use a new platform they could manage, presenting their business using a new service centric model. They wanted the ability to update content in real time and become comfortable using their new tools.



Needs and wants

Transition to a new CMS system that enables the Altius Group's team to manage and update content themselves.

Build a UX experience and design a new website that is tailored for their target audience. 

Ensure site navigation is streamlined and easy to follow. 

Ensure team adoption is successful so the Altius Group can continue to manage the website in house. 


Bespoke website design

The Altius Group's new website has a seamless user experience that empowers their brand. We helped redesign, develop and implement a new website following a smooth team adoption process.

Revenue Operations

Our extensive scoping workshop helped us understand the Atlius Group's project goals. We delivered a UX strategy that accelerated growth and empowered their team for future success. We elevated the user experience by designing a website that was easy to navigate, tailored to their target market and aligned with business objectives.

Custom CMS Website

Using HubSpot CMS we designed a new website that matched the messaging and offerings of the Altius Group. We created a wireframe to outline the design and UX experience. We optimised the website for speed, usability and accessibility. The flexibility in new features and seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM made HubSpot CMS the best fit for this website build.

Technology Solutions

Every module was custom built to fulfil our project goals. From simple titles to complex layouts, we designed suitable modules to ensure a smooth user experience. (Examples of the dynamic hover grid and custom designs are shown below).

Change Management

We implemented our stringent project management process. This enabled all stakeholders to stay up to date with weekly work in progress meetings and ensured the project was delivered on time and within budget. We trained the Altius Group's team to manage their website in house. Enabling them to take full advantage of key HubSpot CMS features such as split testing, smart content and reporting.



The Benefits of this project


Improved Efficiency

Saving time
  • Increased efficiency and productivity for each department has helped Saasyan's team save time on daily tasks and has minimised manual processes through automation.

  • Saasyan have an improved employee experience and increase in team confidence regarding the new processes.


Unified operations
  • Saasyan now have the ability to manage HubSpot on their own, empowering them to drive ongoing growth strategies.

  • A unified approach has minimised friction and removed siloes in their departments. This has made their processes smoother for both their customers and internally. 

Market Position

Improved reputation
  • The new branding and key messaging strategies has enabled Saasyan to grow and expand in their desired markets.

  • Saasyan's key messaging has helped improve their market position. This has also helped them achieve their overall goal of reaching a global audience. 

Deeper Insights

Better reporting, better decisions
  • HubSpot's CRM & software suite enables Saasyan to have better reporting and data management. Saasyan now have a single source of truth which ensures they have reliable and accurate data.

  • Saasyan can make better business decisions and rely on their systems to forecast trends and monitor analytics. This also helps to support Saasyan's growth strategies long term. 

The Benefits


Clear messaging

Improved site navigation
  • Optimised site navigation helps keep messaging clear. Consumers now have a clear path to follow, gaining a deeper understanding of the Altius Group's offerings.

User experience

Streamlined customer journey
  • Our customer centric design helps to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and encourages them to explore more content.
  • Customers are now engaging more with the site from having a positive experience online with smoother interactions.


Higher conversion rates
  • Consumers are encouraged to take action, making it easier to generate leads and increase conversions.
  • This helps to proactively drive traffic and increase revenue growth.

Cost savings

Long term investment
  • Implementing UX design and HubSpot CMS helps the Altius Group reduce future maintenance costs. Being able to update content, adjust and monitor the website in house helps them scale their operations for better future growth.

Data driven decision making

Deeper insights
  • The Altius Group can now get deeper insights into consumer behaviour, easily monitor website analytics and reporting. These insights help with making better business decisions and tailor their approach to best suit their customers.

Easy adoption

Seamless processes
  • Our smooth adoption process helps minimise disruptions to business operations, ensuring a faster return on investment. The team now has more control over their website and the freedom to adapt to changing environments as they grow.
  • Improved team collaboration and productivity from using tools that are more suited to their needs.

the results


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