Improving efficiency with a new data architecture and streamlining the management of data and reporting by implementing a new reliable CRM.

Better growth

Hygain had critical data that was spread across a number of isolated legacy systems. This meant their data was siloed with multiple sources of truth. This limited Hygain's capabilities and led them to want to improve their tech-stack. 

Hygain have a diverse customer base and they needed to segment their customers by distributors, retail stores and direct consumers. This was difficult to achieve using their existing systems. Hygain were looking for a streamlined approach to managing their internal operations and technology systems.

Hygain were also looking to enhance their reporting processes with automation and increase their ability to make critical decisions based on accurate data.



expand opportunities

We aligned Hygain's Tech Stack across their global business operations and utilised bespoke technology development to design a new data architecture, implement custom integrations and improve efficiency. 

Revenue Operations

We wanted to implement smoother operations and reduce friction. Internal efficiency was accelerated with streamlined technology, helping to align all departments.

Hygain's new solution helped cut down the use of multiple unnecessary platforms and replaced it with a new single source of truth, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

We maximised efficiency by saving time on daily tasks and improving the overall data management strategy. This lead Hygain to have accurate data for reporting and better insights. 

HubSpot Onboarding

We onboarded HubSpot’s Enterprise software for Hygain’s Sales, Marketing and Operational teams.

Hygain has multiple brands in multiple global locations and we wanted to ensure their new Tech Stack would support scaled growth opportunities.

We constructed a new data architecture with a number of bespoke integrations to align their technology and enable Hygain’s teams to work seamlessly. This ensured Hygain would have a sustainable method for growth and reliable data for better business decisions. 

Technology Solutions

We developed a strict hierarchy with deal association labels to improve data management. We ensured Hygain's data integrity was preserved for the future with automation and workflow sequencing.

This solution comprised a fully optimised and highly customised HubSpot Enterprise package that allowed for the full integration of Sales ERP and Marketing platforms. 

Change Management

The implementation was smooth with a bespoke training plan that focused on Hygain's needs. We ensured the technology solution would have a positive impact on Hygain's operations through quality assurance and quality control. We focused on minimising risks that can occur when transitioning between platforms. This resulted in a seamless data migration and a positive adoption of the new changes. 


The Benefits of this project


Improved Efficiency

Saving time
  • Increased efficiency and productivity for each department has helped Saasyan's team save time on daily tasks and has minimised manual processes through automation.

  • Saasyan have an improved employee experience and increase in team confidence regarding the new processes.


Unified operations
  • Saasyan now have the ability to manage HubSpot on their own, empowering them to drive ongoing growth strategies.

  • A unified approach has minimised friction and removed siloes in their departments. This has made their processes smoother for both their customers and internally. 

Market Position

Improved reputation
  • The new branding and key messaging strategies has enabled Saasyan to grow and expand in their desired markets.

  • Saasyan's key messaging has helped improve their market position. This has also helped them achieve their overall goal of reaching a global audience. 

Deeper Insights

Better reporting, better decisions
  • HubSpot's CRM & software suite enables Saasyan to have better reporting and data management. Saasyan now have a single source of truth which ensures they have reliable and accurate data.

  • Saasyan can make better business decisions and rely on their systems to forecast trends and monitor analytics. This also helps to support Saasyan's growth strategies long term. 

Hygain's benefits


Improved efficiency

Saving time
  • Hygain's Sales and Marketing teams have saved a lot of time spent on manual tasks. Hygain has been able to streamline their tech stack with automation.
  • This makes their internal processes more efficient and helps them to be more effective in achieving their goals.

Unified operations

Better visibility
  • Hygain now has the ability to have stronger alignment across their teams, leading to better visibility for reporting and managing customer relationships. 
  • Now that their systems are aligned they can speed up their processes and have accurate data across all departments. 

Smooth adoption

Less friction
  • Hygain had an extremely smooth adoption rate since implementing the new software. Their sales and marketing teams have enjoyed using the new platforms and they have successfully utilised their new technology.

Deeper insights

Better reporting, better decisions
  • Hygain experienced a successful implementation of HubSpot's enterprise software with the addition of our bespoke technology solutions. Empowering them with reliable data and insights.
  • This provided more value to Hygain's internal operations at a much faster rate, which lead them to receive positive results. This also helped minimise the risks that come with self-implementations.

the results


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