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Key services:

  • Discovery Workshop

  • Automation Workflows

  • HubSpot Custom Integrations
  • Custom App development

  • Data Management

  • Custom Technology Development

Project Goals

1. Improve communication with customers and reduce costs by optimising HubSpot to its full potential. 
2. Automate internal processes to streamline manual tasks and minimise error-prone processes.
3. Implement digital transformation to increase accountability and data management.

The Challenge

Eliminate time-consuming tasks and manual processes to improve efficiency and reduce demand on internal resources. 


Streamline operations

NEM has experienced great success operating for over two decades in the agriculture industry. They have the largest microbial production capabilities for agriculture in Australia. However, one of their processes was primarily manual which prevented them from scaling this aspect of their business operations.

NEM operates a ‘return-for-refund’ program for their customer's unused stock through their annual ‘‘Early Order Program’ facility’. NEM wanted to minimise the strain their processes had on resources and reduce unnecessary inefficiencies. The challenge was to implement a track and trace system to enable visibility, internal accountability and digitise outdated processes. 

NEMs Expectations

  • NEM was looking for a solution that accelerates their internal processes.

  • They wanted to expand their current software and tech stack to reach its full potential. 

  • They wanted a partner that understood their needs and would deliver a tailored solution with proactive problem-solving.

  • Looking for a solution that would provide a seamless adoption rate, with a team that is dedicated to successful change management.

  • Wanted a team who specialises in improving efficiency, minimising risk and implementing time-saving automation.

Our Process:

Discovery workshop Custom tech development Hubspot automation   Set up for success

Our Solution

Implement time-saving automation, increase efficiency with technology and enable a smooth adoption rate with minimised risks. 


The Outcome

NEM's digital transformation and task automation had significant improvements for their operations with increased visibility and customer support. 


NEM’s customers now have full transparency over the returns process. They are notified at every stage and are proactively informed of the necessary information. This has reduced the number of customer calls significantly relieving NEM’s employees of time-consuming tasks. The sales teams can now focus on building strong customer relationships instead of managing returns.


Track & Trace

NEM is now notified when a customer requests a return, enabling them to prepare for deliveries proactively. Track and tracing enable NEM to have accurate data and insights into their operations and business performance. Helping them to make informed business decisions.



NEM can maximise cost savings with a streamlined approach by increasing efficiency and lowering risks. The automated workflows removed error-prone tasks and relieved internal resources of managing time-consuming processes. The adoption from employees was highly successful, with a quick transition and no resistance to this change.


Customer Support

Through consistent and timely communication NEM has and continues to deliver an excellent customer experience. NEM's customer response to this new change was highly welcomed and appreciated. NEM's customer-first approach enables them to continue to support their customers through personalised communication strategies.

Exceeded NEMs Expectations

Modern Visual was great to work with, we needed a very timely solution and they delivered high quality support. Everything was efficient and smooth running and their experience and knowledge really showed after speaking with them. We highly recommend Modern Visual to anyone looking to solve complex problems, they are professional and great to work with. We’ve just started our next project with them and will continue to work with Modern Visual due to how well they performed.

Simon McMaster
Principal | NEM

It was a pleasure to work with Simon, Carly and NEM's team. We are thrilled to be able to help NEM develop technology solutions to solve complex business problems. It has been delightful to see their successful outcomes. NEM are an amazing team and we are so happy to continue working with them. 

Luke Trewin
Director | Modern Visual

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