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Key Services:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • HubSpot Onboarding
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Custom Technology Development
  • Automation Workflows
  • Website Integration
  • Data Migration

Project Goals

Bruder wanted to improve their customer experience and ignite key growth areas by using HubSpot’s CRM, Sales and Marketing Hubs.
The goal was to maximise efficiency with internal workflows by building a powerful automation strategy.
Accelerate the customer experience to have less friction and drive the forces that propel revenue growth. 

The Impact

HubSpot Video

The Challenge

Enable Bruder to utilise their database to reach and engage their customers with a streamlined approach. 


Experiencing limitations

Bruder wanted to expand their capabilities with additional functionality and streamline their internal processes. They needed a CRM that would provide automation, help nurture their customers and connect each of their external platforms to a single source of truth. 

Bruder was managing their systems by manually taking care of tasks, which added pressure on internal resources.

Bruder had an extensive database, yet they couldn't reach their customers and manage a personalised experience at scale with their current systems. Bruder wanted to implement their go-to-market strategy with the right software to support them.

Bruder’s Expectations

  • Bruder was looking for a solution that brought value to their current database.

  • They wanted software that excelled in functionality and would continue to expand their capabilities as they grow.

  • A partner that understood their needs and would meet the project deliverables.

  • Looking for a smooth transition into HubSpot’s software, with a team that is dedicated to driving success.

  • Wanted HubSpot onboarding specialists who were professional, reliable and focused on setting up Bruder's team to succeed post-project completion.

  • They needed a team who provided consistency and was experienced in building custom technology solutions to match their unique processes and systems.

  • Wanted a team who specialises in improving efficiency, minimising risk and maximising performance.

Our Solution

To accelerate Bruder's processes with automation,
increase internal efficiency & enable a seamless customer journey. 


Our Process:

Discovery Workshop HubSpot Onboarding Custom Tech Development   Set Up For Success

The Results

Leads enrolled into
new CRM 

This project played a pivotal role in achieving a 200% increase in revenue in the current year


Time saved on
manual tasks 

The Outcome

Bruder was already a force to be reckoned with.
Now, with their new processes there is no stopping them.



Bruder's new HubSpot CRM system, Marketing and Sales Hub software made their processes effortless to operate. Our custom technology solutions left Bruder with little admin requirements and reduced their manual tasks by 50%. Bruder were now able to focus on building strong customer relationships at scale.



Emails, content and messages were tailored to be sent at the right time for each unique time zone across the world. This was demonstrated with the volume of over 20,000 emails sent in 3 months with a 35% open rate and 50% click-through rate (CTR) - leading to a huge increase in customer engagement.



This inbound approach brought customers to the right representatives and allowed Bruder’s team to engage and delight their customers when they needed it most. The sales team had a huge influx of phone calls from when they used their previous system. Going from an estimated 5 calls a day to an average of 58 per day. This allowed their team to focus on providing a strong and tailored experience for their customers.


45,000 LEADS

Bruder can now reach, engage and delight an additional 45,000 (approx.) leads throughout every stage of their journey, which was not possible with their previous CRM system. Proactively helping drive the forces that propel growth and automatically push customers through their sales funnels.

Exceeded Bruder's Expectations

Modern Visual came highly recommended and exceeded the expectation we had set for them.

Modern Visual came highly recommended and exceeded the expectation we had set for them. They took a complex challenge and request from a global based sales business, and integrated this into a high end platform that delivered results.

If you want to get get the most from Hubspot, and work with a highly intelligent team, stop looking now and call Luke and the Team at Modern Visual.

Kye Bessant deserves a special mention for going above and beyond what would normally be expected to achieve and deliver an outstanding system for our business.

Jonathan Clark-Monks
Business Development Manager / BruderX

I had known about BruderX for some time due to interests in their products and when the opportunity to work with them came across our desk, I jumped at the opportunity. Jonathan and the team are leaders in their space and were integral in producing the outcomes for their organisation. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the partnership through out the project and we would love the opportunity to work with Bruder again in the future (or own one of their products).

Luke Trewin
Director / Modern Visual

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